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Extending our gratitude & looking forward to 2019 at Complexity Explorer

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27 Dec 2018
Complex Systems Astrobiology

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to filling up the Complexity Explorer tree to 70%!  This means we only have 30% to go to support all of our 2019 programing. If you haven't already donated please consider helping us get this final bit - from the roots to the leaves!

Remember donating from now through December 31st enters you into a drawing for: 

Donate over $101 - enter to win a Complexity Explorer t-shirt and notebook

Donate $50 to $100 - enter to win a Complexity Explorer t-shirt

Donate $25-50 - enter to win a Complexity Explorer notebook

Dave Feldman and I want to extend our gratitude to the global Complexity Explorer community for all of their contributions this year.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead - providing you we the highest quality complexity education as well as access to cutting edge areas of complexity science: 

  1. Launch the brand new Origins of Life course. Chris Kempes and Sarah Maurer will explore how biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science come together to shed light on how life began. This course will launch in June 2019.
  2. Create interactive apps to explore Complex Systems concepts visually.
  3. Build a library of NetLogoWeb Models so that users can learn NetLogo right on Complexity Explorer.
  4. Continue to offer the Complexity Challenge in 2019 to give students a chance to put their complex systems expertise to use.
  5. Grow our community by developing new free content and providing as many scholarships as needed for our fee-based courses. Furthermore, this year we have launched the Complexity Explorers/Official SFI Facebook group - Join Now!


All my best, 

Linden Schneider

Online Education Coordinator


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