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August Update: The Challenge is Complete and Complexity Explorer is Getting New Tools!

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13 Aug 2018
Complex Systems Economics Agent-Based Modeling Optimization

Final Results of the Spring 2018 Challenge 

Our newest baby here at Complexity Explorer HQ, the Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge, has run its course and borne its fruit - some incredible coding and analysis by you, our incredible students! 

This spring’s Complexity Challenge, dreamt up by Carnegie Mellon University’s John Miller and North Carolina State University’s Bill Rand, covered some new territory for Complexity Explorer by reinvigorating a classic SFI problem. 

Loosely based on Brian Arthur’s El Farol problem created here at the Santa Fe Institute, the Spring challenge question asked students to create analysis of a multi-step, multi-agent strategy and optimization system. 

Check out the initial question: 

Want to know how everyone solved it? Check out the Challenge Solution Gallery here

Want in on the next challenge? We’re currently reconstructing the format and developing some pretty exciting new Challenge Questions; stay tuned to see where we take it and when the next Challenge will be run! 

Thank you to all Challenge participants! 

What We Do with Your Donations

We would like to extend a HUGE thanks to all the donors this month- we crossed over the $5,000 mark and finished up the month of July with an incredibly generous $5,145 to put towards two very exciting new web functionalities for Complexity Explorer! Every dollar donated to Complexity Explorer stays within the program, helping to improve the overall experience. We're a platform for you, by you

Experience NetLogo Web on Complexity Explorer

Already a fan of NetLogo? Enrolled in either our Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling course or our new Fundamentals of NetLogo tutorial? Now you will be able to experience NetLogo without downloading the program! 

Now, using NetLogo Web you can develop, play with and deploy your own agent based models on Complexity Explorer. Each model is fully editable right in your internet browser window! This will contribute significantly to the Play section of the website that is currently under development. This brand-new way to interact with CE will be focused on interactive elements to visualize the concepts and phenomena of complexity science. If you know of some models that are currently on NetLogo Web you would like to see on Complexity Explorer, please let us know!

Browse Complexity Explorer efficiently and effectively

Have you ever wished there was a global search feature on Complexity Explorer?  Well…we are currently developing it and hope for a release date in Fall 2018.  Coming soon, you'll be able to browse everything hosted on Complexity Explorer by topic, type, difficulty, or source! We hope that this will make all of the awesome information on Complexity Explorer more accessible! 

Browse Complexity Explorer By Topic

Both of these projects could not happen if it weren’t for generous donations from you!  If you would like to support further development of Complexity Explorer, please donate today.  We have implemented a new subscription option for donations- you can support us every month with the click of a button! Also keep an eye out for our Fall donation drive :) Thank you, as always, for your support and for being part of the Complexity Explorer community. 

Subtitlers hard at working making Complexity Science open to the whole world!

Our subtitling team has grown to over 400 members! These tireless volunteers make a truly irreplaceable contribution to the spread of complexity science all over the world.  Since last Fall we've seen Hazm Talab double their subtitling time, contributing to videos from the course Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos in Arabic. Impressively, Hazm contributed the majority of their hours this past month, clocking in 7.1 hours total! We also had a new member join the top 10 subtitles of all time, TerrygoldX, also focusing their efforts on the Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos course subtitling in Chinese (simplified).  

Join our team today!  We will be adding NEW videos from The Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge solutions- learn about the winning strategies to this El Farol-based problem while making them accessible to people throughout the world! 


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