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Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science

Chaos is a peer-reviewed research journal but with some unorthodox elements relative to typical journals. Besides front-line research papers, letters, and brief reports, Chaos includes solicited technical reviews and deliberately pedagogical articles of broad appeal. The Editors of Chaos take an active role in developing the content and, together with the AIP, seek to assure its comprehensibility, as well as relevance and quality. Importantly, approximately every other issue of Chaos is a special "Focus" issue. These issues are intended to provide a critical introduction and overview of a particular topic, suitable as an introduction to nonspecialists but also of value to experts in the area. To ensure timely publication of other articles, only about 60% of the articles in a "Focus" issue are devoted to the focal topic, with the remaining articles dealing with other areas of nonlinear science. In addition, each article in Chaos is preceded by a "lead paragraph" targeted at the non-specialist reader. This paragraph provides a sense of the context of the work and conveys the primary results, but in language that is accessible to the journal's broad interdisciplinary audience.

Networks, Dynamical Systems, Statistical Physics