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We support learners around the world who are seeking to understand the tools, methods and applications of complex systems science through our courses, tutorials, and lectures. Complexity Explorer makes SFI complex systems science accessible to a broad and diverse audience.

Make your mark and show the world what you can achieve with the Santa Fe Institute’s Complexity Challenges


Unique, open-ended problems are awaiting your novel solutions. With the Challenges, Complexity Scholars are given the opportunity to push their knowledge beyond disciplinary boundaries and think creatively, while also earning recognition from their peers, the Santa Fe Institute, and prestigious Partner institutions. The Challenges are created in collaboration between faculty of the Santa Fe Institute and a Partner institution or company.  They are abstracted from a particular real-world problem the Partner is seeking novel insight into.  

Each Challenge will be described in detail on specific Challenge pages.  Acceptance into the Challenge course will allow you to work on active challenges while receiving guidance from experienced Santa Fe Institute alumni mentors, submit your work before the deadline, and give and receive feedback on Challenge solutions during the evaluation phase.  


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To get started, read through the Guidelines, apply to join the Challenge Course, and pick an upcoming Challenge to work on.

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